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Journey of SPY

1 year journey from Smartypay ($SPY) which has had such long milestones like:

  1. Listing 13 Exchangers
  2. Techrate & Certik Audit
  3. Defi 3.1 (Triple Compounding System)
  4. Various partnerships
  5. Massive Marketing Global (Travladd, Ceasars, Venoms, Satoshi, and hundreds of other AMA groups)
  6. SPY Launchpad
  7. and many more


Which we will continue with with the latest and latest projects such as SPY Launchpad + Kickstarter, SPY Wallet, Wallet Converter, SPY DTP, and SPY Blockchain Mainnet.

Tokie is a token that will be in the ecosystem of Smartypay ($SPY) Tokie operates in the BSC network

Total Supply
10,000,000,000 $TOKIE

What will we add in this presale time?

  • Kickstarter token with a reward of Tens of Thousands of Dollars
  • TokieFarm GameFi Competition with Tens of Thousands of Dollars prize
  • Thousands of Dollar Rewards for purchases
  • NFT Power Stake Pools that will be active during presale
  • Certik audit on progress

Tokie Tokenomics


Presale 12.5%


Development 24.5%


Game-Mining 24%


In-game Airdrop 1%


Farming-Staking 28%


Marketing 10%

🎯 Safety, comfort, the latest technology and Profitable will be a guide for us in our work.

🎯 The solution from the ecosystem that we made to get to a virtual world of SPY-Verse which we are developing the ecosystem and pillars one by one

🎯 Revolution and will be the new Trendsetter in the development of best-in-class Gaming and Defi technology

🎯 All Age Genres will be able to play in the game TokieFarm

🎯Strong and large community will make new strength for Tokie

Technology that will be in the Tokie Token:

Welcome to 3D technology with good graphics for 360 degree virtual look.
Interaction between local and global players.
All Age Genres can play because there is no need for a special skill
Schedules and activities that can be arranged independently in the game Tokiefarm
It is stage 1 to go to SPY-VERSE
Safety, convenience, fun, and profitable

Sales Stages for Tokie

🔥Sale: $0.00112/Tokie. vesting 10% Tokens each 14 days
🔥Presale: $0.00168/Tokie vesting 10% Tokens each 14 days
🔥Public Sale: 0.00287/Tokie listing on Bitmart and Dex

And there will be the addition of various utilities that are in the works such as Tokie PPOB, Tokie Entertainment and the integration of Tokie into the SMARTY Platform ecommerce aps.